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Wide range of high-profile linguistic services

Verifiable track record. Confirmed solid background. Demonstrated expertise in tool handling. Proven communication skills. Transparency. Openly shown feedback from colleagues, outsourcers, and subcontractors. All these help establish the reliability of business partners and their commitment to quality. Without them, project managers in our globalized translation market would play roulette when seeking for translators – especially translators who work in languages that the PM does not speak.

Are you looking for a high-profile Hungarian freelancer with a solid sci&tech background? My guarantees for quality include: proven reliability, attested by my ATA certification from English to Hungarian, solid background through my PhD in theoretical particle physics and MSc in scientific translation, polished style thanks to my long-standing collaboration with several publishers, expertise in terminology owing to my 10+-year experience with compiling a dictionary. I also offer editing, proof-reading, and quality assessment services. For more details, check out the "Translation, editing, proofing" tab of this website, or go to my profile page.

Or are you looking for an experienced translator who can help you improve your translation company's workflow? Who has ample experience in project and terminology management, but can look at the issues with a freelancer's eye? Someone who has a proven record of training, and is committed to passing on the best practices? Who follows the development of the translation industry? For more details, check out the "Consultancy & training" tab of this website, or the relevant part of my profile page.  

To advance the translation profession, active communication with other translators, the dissemination of professional know-how through various forms of training and the relentless promotion of ethical business practices are indispensable. These views are very much in line with the objectives of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters