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You feel that your business could benefit from the insight of an experienced translator, editor, or advanced tool user? You want to invest in new tools but don't know how to choose? You want to improve your workflow, or establish a better framework of quality assurance? You would like to know how other project managers handle the usual conflicts between translators and editors?

You certainly have your sources of useful tips that would help you make such important decisions. But the translation industry is constantly moving forward; if you don't have the time to keep up to date, turning to a consultant may be the right solution for you.

Having seen multiple sides of the translation workflow (project manager, terminology manager, translator, editor, proof-reader, quality assessor), and having gained experience in knowledge sharing (university courses, webinars, conference talks, consultancy), I may have the right eye to see what your business needs to improve. Take a look at the topics covered below – and if any of them is related to your challenge, let's try to find a solution together.



Drawing from my experience as a translator, dictionary writer, editor, proof-reader, quality assessor, project manager, and terminology manager, I provide organized and down-to-earth training sessions in several translation-related topics. See a list of them below – and read participants' feedback at the bottom of this page.

Could your in-house translators or freelancer subcontractors improve their ways of using Word, Excel, or some other programs? Would they benefit from taking an inside look into a professional translator's toolkit? Could they improve their skills through a half- or full-day training on terminology research? Would a session on best practices in editing and quality assessment help them manage the usual translator-editor conflicts?


Training topics

– CAT tools: a broad overview
– Terminology: research and utilization
– Word tips and tricks for translators
– Excel tips and tricks for translators
– LaTeX: a high-profile document preparation system
– Getting established
– Business risk mitigation
– The translator's toolkit
– Editing: best practices
– Working with publishers


Feedback from training participants

IAPTI event, London, October 15, 2010
(10 ATA CE points)

Presentation: Working for the publishing industry

Workshop: Best practices in revision and quality assessment


This was truly a very rich and interesting workshop.
The best workshop I have attended in a very long time.

(Hacène Dramchini)

Thoroughly enjoyed the IAPTI workshop today on quality assurance and working with the publishing industry.

(Victoria Avis)

I enjoyed [the workshops] very much, the lecturer, Attila is the best I have seen for a long time.

(Amelia Naranjo (NUPIT))

Both of Attila's workshops were real gems, as shown by the commitment of the audience from the very beginning: in a friendly and collegial climate, participants did not hesitate to contribute their questions and comments, providing an invaluable addition to Attila’s exceptional expertise in the subject.

(Eva Moreda)

It was an informative and interesting event.

(Marina Gomes)

The webinar was simply great. Attila showed us his enormous experience and expertise and found a nice way to convey all that to us.
I've been juggling with an idea of starting my own publishing business, ... so the information that I got today were useful to me not only as a translatorbut also as a potential publisher.

(Dubravka Hrastovec)

I found the webinar extremely interesting, as it focused on an aspect, or many aspects, of publishing houses of which I was not aware. Attila was very clear and patient with our comments and questions.

(Elizabeth Casals)

The webinar was very useful and well-organised. I didn't know anything about the topic and at the end of it I felt I had a clear picture of the situation described.

(Mora Salomón)

The webinar was very complete, and it is clear that Attila has a sound knowlege of the many aspects of this industry.

(Andrés Enjuto)

The topic was very interesting and important for translation industry, and the webinar explored it thoroughly enough. Congrations to Attila.

(Silvina Matheu)

Webinar was very interesting. I've learned a few things that I didn't know. Althought there were some audio problems during the webinar, Attila Piróth got our whole atention.

(Yanira Urdaneta)

This webinar was above my expectations and much better than most of the webinars I have attended recently.

(Ivana Kahle)

Food for thought! Excellent webinar.

(Aurora Humarán)

Well organized; complete; great speaker; very up-to-date; Thanks!

(Esther Navarro-Hall)

I liked the presentation a lot, in spite of the sound on/off problem. It was really enjoyable (I do not usually sit still listening to somebody for over two hours at a time this easily ;-)).

(Mar Rodríguez)

The Publishing Industry,
IAPTI open Webinar,
June 26, 2010

Session contents and other information


Translators for NGOs
IAPTI open webinar,
March 31, 2010

Session contents and other information

I am very glad that I attended your webinar. It was very, very useful; you even went into detail with very subtle ethical aspects of "working for free", that happen to be systematically abused these days. So, a big THANK YOU!

(Fabio Descalzi)

Your webinar was just perfect! ... yours is a very nice voice, which really does help when you will listen to the same person for a long time. :) Not a minor detail!
The experience was very professional, and I am sure our colleagues are of the same opinion (many have already expressed that after the webinar).

(Aurora Humarán)

First of all a very big thank you to Attila for that excellent presentation (clear, to the point, interesting)...  What you have done in Solidarités is truly remarkable, Attila, and it is very generous of you to share your experience and wisdom.

(Lucia Colombino)

Attila, it really was a great webinar. Thank you. You did an amazing job. You presented a lot of very useful and interesting information, and you presented it very well.

(Maria Karra)

Thanks very much for yet another very informative and interesting webinar, and congratulations on your excellent work with Solidarites. I found your comments and the discussion on workflow particularly interesting

(Niraja Nanjudan)




I've been using MS Word for so long, but was still not aware of all the uses of the find and replace function Attila showed us in this session … I would highly recommend this webinar to anyone who thinks they should know more about MS Word!

(Niraja Nandunjan)

Very clear and practice oriented training.

(Marilita Oliviera)

Really down-to-earth useful stuff for everyday use. I would have liked to have hands-on practice - I just hope I can put all I learned to good use.

(Sheila Wilson)

Thank you Attila for this very useful webinar and thank you especially for the way the session was conducted. The explanation was clear with detailed clarifications.

(Maha S.)

This webinar was very useful, especially as it focussed on how translators can specifically use MS Excel for their purposes.

(Niraja Nandunjan)

The webinar gave me a good idea of what Excel can do, most of which I was completely ignorant of. … It was well worthwhile.

(Susan Welsh)



CAT tools

This was an extremely well organized, reasonably paced training session. Attila Piróth is very knowledgable about the subject and showed great techniques. I was very satisfied with this training session - money well spent!

(Renáta Forgács)

Down-to-earth practical session on term searches: where to look and how to get the best from what you find there.

(Sheila Wilson)

Very clear and well organized presentation (as usual with Attila). This is an excellent basic introduction to terminology.

(Juliette Scott)

Attila is an excellent trainer. Very well structured and organised. I would strongly recommend him.

(Juliette Scott)